Capsule Parfums presents its debut collection of five original unisex scents, each designed to be worn alone or creatively layered for new bold and individualized fragrance combinations. 

MOTO: Dark, fruity floral with black plum, berries, black dahlia, vanilla, smoke, leather glam JAUNTSweet, woodsy accord with black vanilla, rose, orchid, ylang ylang, tobacco leaf, cedar  POLIS: Dreamy, ozonic floral with calone, mimosa, sea lily, vetiver moss, cotton, musk, moonbeams  URBANE: Vibrant citrus cocktail with bergamot, mandarin, blood orange, night phlox, honey, wallfowers, oakmoss  BYWAY: Sweet gourmand with crushed virgin roses, lilac cotton candy, dirty jasmine, golden patchouli, amber

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